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Homework Assignment #5
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Five Basic Steps of Mining Group Gold There are five basic steps of Mining Group Gold for its team meeting management process. The first step is determining the purpose of the session or meeting, this is the step where you would outline the objectives and the goals that company will be discussing and trying to accomplish. The next step is determining the desire outcomes of the session or meeting, this step is where the main concern is with the expectations or results that the company is hoping to achieve from the individuals in attendance at the session or meeting. Assigning the roles of facilitator, scribe and timekeeper is the next step of the meeting management process. These are the people who are in charge of regulating the meeting and making sure the agenda keeps a steady flow and the meeting doesn’t get stuck on one issue for a long period of time. The facilitator is the individual who is in charge of the meeting and discussing the topics on the agenda and this person should be objective, the scribe is the individual that writes down the meeting minutes and notes, and the time keeper is the individual keeping time on each topic that is discussed and makes sure not to let any topic have more time than the other. Setting the agenda is the next step in the process, this is the major objectives or topics of the meeting, which is the purpose for having the session or meeting, with the hopes of coming out with future results. The last step is establishing the time allocation for each item on the agenda, this will help keep the meeting flowing smoothly and keep down any disagreements on topics because once the time is up then you have to move on to the next topic.
Steps for Dealing with Emotions
According to the steps for dealing with emotions are first to use the sub-process of “feeling-facts-solution.” It is also suggested that all the members of the group take a moment of silence to relax. During this step everyone can calm down for a minute and collect their thoughts before moving forward. While relaxing everyone should write down his or her feelings to express and discuss later. This gives individuals an opportunity to write down how they were feeling while discussing the topic. Next the primary facilitator should ask everyone in the group to read what they wrote, so that everyone in the meeting knows how each person feels about the topic being discussed. From this information, additional and pertinent information is mined and then path forward to solve the problem can be determined and implemented. Knowing how each person is feeling can be very helpful in trying to come up with a solution for solving the problem and helping the meeting move forward, its best to lay out everything on the table and don’t hold anything back.
Improving Teamwork, Empowerment, and Effective Communication I think the Mining Group Gold process will improve teamwork, empowerment and effective communication. This process will improve teamwork from the standpoint that everyone in the company will know what goals the company is trying to achieve because the team leaders that were in the meeting will make sure to address them