Mega Foods Case Study Essay

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Mega Foods Case Study
Cherice McCray
Troy University- Dothan Campus

As the regional director for Mega Foods Inc., I foresee several ethical issues stemming from closing plant operations in Orchard, Georgia and moving operations to the country of Frostburg. The utilitarianism approach as mentioned in Northouse (2013) is behaving in a way as to create the greatest the good for the greatest number. Keeping operations in Orchard, Georgia may not be the most profitable option; however it allows the local economy to thrive by keeping operations local. Farmers are able to sustain as well as the local economy due to consumers having disposable income. From an economic standpoint consumers are able to afford normal goods.
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Americans have become more environmentally aware of the negative repercussions gas emissions has on the environment. If Mega Foods Inc. were to move production to Frostburg, the company runs the risk of succumbing to lower environmental laws. With production in Frostburg, it is harder for the company to monitor plant processes. Increased emissions from plant facilities can harm the environment sparking outrage among the public.
Lastly, Mega Foods is currently paying its employees well over minimum wage. The average Frostburg worker is projected to make 2.00 an hour. Mega Foods chocolates can be boycotted due to allegations of utilizing sweatshop labor to manufacture its candies.
3. Identify and specifically describe 3 to 5 major global trends that are specifically influencing Mega Food to consider relocating operations of the Orchard facility to the country of Frostburg. In your response, please be specific in stating why or how each of the global trends is directly impacting Mega Food.
To maintain competiveness, corporations must actively seek talent and innovation. A great majority of the workers in Orchard are all approaching retirement age. The workers in Frostburg have an improved skill level and will receive ongoing training. More companies are employing high skilled low wage workers. Many college graduates are willing to work for nominal pay just to get their foot in the