Mega Minds: A Short Story

Words: 612
Pages: 3

Mega Minds Egypt 2:56pm. Caleb Wheeler was at a party for prince vues. Caleb was partying hard that night and he had quite a few to drink. He had to drive home that day in his 2016 lincoln mkx. He shouldn't have been driving in the first place. It is not safe but he did anyways. He was driving at a max speed of 87 mph. He was using his car, when he went back to the party he found out someone was talking negative about him.

He followed him home. The man's name was Bill Braxton. He was telling one of his friends that Caleb was weird and he shouldn't be here. Well Caleb took that a little too personal and he took it to the heart. He grabbed a bar and hit him in the back. He fell down and then Caleb took a bag he grabbed him and took him
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She looked at him like she was meant to be with each other. Three years later they started to get married. Jim showed up and Caleb lewis showed up. They were asked not to kill anyone. “You can not kill nobody at my wedding okay guys”. “Yes sir”. “Im trusting you guys”. “Okay!”. They were at the party for 3 hours straight. Caleb lewis, and Jim decided to give up their superpowers and they went their different ways. “Well see you Jim, hope i see you around”. “Yeah i'll see”. Caleb decided to go to New York. He started a fresh life by living on the streets in New York. He fell asleep one day and then he woke up and a lottery ticket was in his hand and everyone was looking at him and smiling because when he looked at the tv he saw the winning numbers and then he looked at his ticket and BOOM he was on his feet yelling and screaming. “I did it, I did it”. He went to go cash it and he got 67 million dollars.

Three years later Caleb is in his house in the suburb and he even meet a girl. They get married but Caleb doesn't invite his friends and he lives a happy life without killing and without murder and drama. He has three kids and two are girls and one is a boy. Caleb spoiled his boy and he found out that all three of them have the same superpower. “Oh