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AC 3.2
Mitosis is a method of cell division which results in producing two genetic identical daughter from single parents. In other hand, meiosis is a process of division of germ cell which involves two fission of the nucleus that give rise to four gametes, each having half of the original cell chromosome. Mitosis is used by one organism to reproduce and it is also used for the organic growth of tissues, fibres and membranes. Meiosis can be found in sexual reproduction organisms. That is, it is found in male and female sex cells (egg and sperm) which can be joining together to produce new genetically different offspring. In the early prophase of meiosis I, the chromosomes become visible and the centriole moves to the opposite side of the cell. In the late prophase, there is formation of bivalent when each homologous pair of chromosome come together to form two chromatids, then genetic mixture occurs leading to the chiasmata which is visible point of cross over. In anaphase of mitosis, there is no cross over during the cell division. Again, when the tetrad is broken up and the homologous chromosomes moves to opposite poles, the ploidy level is reduced from two to one that is why meiosis I is referred as a reduction division. During mitosis division, there is no reduction of ploidy level. In mitosis, the interphase happens prior to cell division as it happens in meiosis I but during meiosis II, interphase does not occur. The duplicate of nucleus DNA happens once in mitosis