Melania Trump Speech Analysis

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Melania Trump’s Speech Controversy Since Becoming the First Lady
The role of first ladies in the United States of America has always been shaped by the conservative values of the nation’s majority. These women are expected to be respectful, friendly, well-spoken, and most important of all they are to become an inspiration to other women in America and around the world. A first lady’s speech is a reflection of what her husband has set out to achieve for his nation (the woman behind the man) therefore; the expectations on first ladies are significant. Thus, it was tremendously discouraging when this past January at the Republican National Convention Melanie Trump’s speech appeared to be an act of plagiarism from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008.
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Her inauguration speech was to a certain extend a copy of Michelle’s, which made Melania’s incompetency more evident to the people. It is relevant for a first lady to have an informed opinion before disclosing her plans to the entire nation. If under any circumstances, she is struggling to express or simply organize her thoughts before an event, seeking the aid of a trustworthy advisor is a valid request. The inauguration speech was a major opportunity for Melania to make a statement (not a fashion one) about all the critiques that have been circulating in the media concerning her lack of experience on national politics. Instead, she chose another woman’s almost exact words to address a nation already desperate for change. Melania has had since then numerous occasions to prove that she has risen to the challenge. However, she stirred her focus to minor issues such as fighting cyber bullying. While cyber bullying is a legitimate matter and should be addressed, it is not America’s first priority. Furthermore, her husband has set a negative example in terms of cyber bullying, which takes away her credibility on this