Melanie Regier: A Short Story

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Hard-working mother of four, Melanie Regier, packs for yet another four day journey, travelling all over US and Canadian lands. "The hardest thing about my job is being away from home because it adds a lot of stress to your father's life. It also means missing things I don't want to miss." says Melanie, to her son while making breakfast for her family. It's always a sad day when she leaves home because she can be gone for up to five days at a time. She manages to balance making sure her children are where they need to be like play rehearsal or lacrosse practice, working and her family. She is an inspiration.
Being a flight attendant isn't as much of a fairytale as most people seem to think. Melanie faces many challenges at her job, but whether it's communicating with people who don't speak English, helping people in medical distress with limited resources, or just dealing with angry or crazy people, she always finds a solution. When asked for an example of this she answered "One day a person started yelling we were all going to die and he ran up the aisle of the plane hitting other passengers with his tablet and tried to open the cockpit door. We had to force him back to his seat and put handcuffs on and tape him with duct tape to his seat.". It's crazy to think that this happened to her, but what's even stranger is that it's not the only time something crazy has happened to her. "Another time we
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" I never thought I would be a flight attendant. I thought I would be a writer. Now, I am writing a book about being a flight attendant." States Melanie in the interview. All of Melanie's friends and family support her I her book which is actually quite funny, and slightly inappropriate. Melanie has always wanted to be a writer and her fulfilling that dream makes her an inspiration, saying anything is possible if you work at it. It stems from her childhood. "As a kid I was always writing stories" says