Melba Pattillo's Struggle In Warriors Don T Cry

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In years past, segregation has taken over America, African Americans were not allowed to attend to White Schools, and African Americans were treated like rats. When they tried to go to white schools they were driven out by the white students. In Warriors Don't Cry, The little rock 9 Attempt to complete a full year at Central High, a White school. Melba Pattillo is a Black girl from the LR9 and she is the main character in the book. In Hidden Figures, a group of 3 African american women work at NASA and show their struggles in a daily life at NASA. African American women that work at NASA are given harder tasks in shorter amounts of times compared to other White workers. In both Warriors Don't Cry and hidden figures both characters face challenges in their daily lives trying to live it normally. Even though they face many examples of racism, they rise above it and they keep on climbing. …show more content…
Even though she faces a lot of hate and negativity, she overcomes it and finishes the integration strong. They faced many challenges during their integration, The text states,”’Damn you, b*tch,’ he shouted. ‘You’ll be a dead n***er before this day is over.’”(142). This is one of the many threats she and the little rock 9 encountered in the integration. It was so bad that the Army had to come in and protect the little rock 9, But unfortunately, they did little to help. But without the protection of the army later on, The LR9 is forced to learn how to defend themselves. Melba befriends a boy named Link who tells her the plans to get her kicked out of school. She fights her way to the end, overcoming any obstacle that gets in her