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Melissa Cochran
Shelby Cochran
English 101
June 18, 2014
Exemplification Essay

Attending a private school has many benefits as well as drawbacks. There are several things I would change about the rules and regulations if I were given the opportunity. I would like to address three major areas where I believe change could be made to relax some of the rules. Education should always be the top priority for any school, however worrying with what we wear, how much food we take in, and the use of our electronics are issues where I believe the rules could be changed. The dress code at my school is extremely conservative. We cannot wear a skirt or dress that is more than 4 inches above the knew, skinny jeans are prohibited due to the fact they fit too tightly, and no shirt can be more than two finger widths below the collar bone. I feel that these restrictions are extremely outdated and with today’s teens wanting to wear the latest fashion apparel changes are needed. The clothes that a student wears to school should not indicate whether or not they will be able to get an education. I feel that clothing is a type of individual expression. It certainly makes sense that you must have some kind of order and keeping dress code is understandable, however you cannot expect students to be getting the education they need when suspended or sent to detention just because they are wearing skinny jeans or a mini skirt. There seems to be a growing trend that has been pushed by our first lady, Michelle Obama, regarding the food served in the school cafeterias. It is a farce that private schools serve better lunches than public schools. In our school cafeteria you are required to purchase a lunch unless you pack your lunch and bring it from home. Many students will purchase a lunch, only to eat the roll and fruit. The mystery meat and mushy vegetables are thrown in the trash. I feel there should be better options available to students so they can get the proper nutrition as well as pay a reasonable amount for the food purchased. If a few changes were made in the menu and the cost, it would stand to reason that more students would eat the food, therefore having less waste and getting the nutrition that would be more beneficial to the students. The use