Essay On Superstitions

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Melodie Ellis
February 2015
1st period
English IV Superstition Affects Human Behaviors

Many people is confused with superstition and fate. People has different superstition belief. Some even let it affect their every day life and the way they do things . Like in Macbeth, he let three witches tell him his fate. One of the reading the witches had given Macbeth was that he will be Thane of Glamiss, Thane of Cawdor, and then finally king of Scotland. In today times many people look “Spirtual Advisors” for diffent readings in their future. So can call it the modern day witch because it had been sold that many of these advisors has a gift from God to tell ones fate . Another example of a person that can tell you your future is an “Fortune Teller” . Many of these fortune tellers can be found in various places such as; circus, local fairs, etc….. Many people let these superstitions affect their everyday lifestyle. I’m pretty sure everyone has that one person in their family that has tons of superstitions belief . Espically the older generation , maybe your grandma,great grandma, and even your aunties. There are so many different superstitions in my family. Like Macbeth, he started to believe everything the witches said brcause of their first prediction. It kind of make him seem crazy because he relies on everything the witches say. Through out the whole play Macbeth listened to everything the witches ahs to say and because of this it affected his behavior. After the first encounter with the witches Macbeth seemed to change. Only thing he could think about being king . He never stop and thought to his self for one moment how he would become king. Eventhough Macbeth was being confronted by “Evil Spirts” he still was thinking about being king. That one prophecy had stuck with him “All hail, Macbeth, who will be king later on!”. Then he sat down and thought how would he become king. Not only did he killed