Melon Mob Takes Madeon City Essay

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It’s a dark summer night and the city of Madeon is quiet as it gets ready to go to bed. As soon as the clock hits 10 something suddenly happens. A rough, beige sphere all of sudden grows arms, legs and a moustache out of nowhere. It is a cantaloupe and he has emerged, like all melons to celebrate the birth of its kind. The cantaloupe, let’s call him Steve, has been waiting for this moment all of his life. He soon escapes the kitchen he is trapped in and opens the door. He leaves in hope of seeking a phone, so he can connect with his fellow melons. As he strolls down the street, he discovers a patron waiting for a bus, so he runs up beside them and with his powerful melon legs, jumps and snatches the cell phone from their pocket. Steve sent out a broadcast message with a secret melon code. It was easy for his mates to get in touch, since Madeon is a tiny city. The message said” Melon mob if you can hear me, come to me. You can find me by following the beat of the drum, the drum of my heart. It only cooperates if you feel it, stomp your feet and dance with it to make it come alive, come on feel the beat!” Steve was at a square awaiting his friends, and within the hour they were there. Chuck, the watermelon, Mac, the honeydew, and Reese, the canary melon, all showed up happy to see Steve, as they came together to form The Melon Mob. Their plan once together, is to get to the roof of the tallest skyscraper and to put on a show to wake the city from its sleep. They left the square and headed for the skyscraper. As they walked, a group of hungry orangutans got a whiff of melon in the air, and went for a hunt. The orangutan’s leader, Jimmy, told his posse of riled up apes, to search and bring back the wondering melons, for he fiends live melon. An orangutan discovered the mob and yelled for his peers, and they were in a chase. They ran through lawns, hopped fences, and even attempted to drive a car, but it didn’t work and the apes were catching up. They were almost at the skyscraper, and Chuck stumbled on a pebble and was hurt badly. The orangutans caught up to him and checked if he was still alive. The mob was doomed because the show couldn’t go on without Chuck. So they devised a plan to bring them towards animal control, by sacrificing a slice from each of their bodies to make a trick fruit salad. The