Meme: Writing and Essay

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Juavan Jennings
Bryant & Stratton College
ENGL099 Pre-College English
Aug 06, 2013

There are three important elements that are needed in an academic paper they are [Purpose, Audience and Thesis]. My essay will discuss how audience and purpose are the writer's main concerns. The way a paper's purpose is offered to audience lies in the paper's thesis, the Presentation, in writing, of an essay is a main idea this type of information will help a lot on an essay. The thesis is what connects audience with purpose and thus deserves much attention. Purpose is important because the purpose of the essay would be the aim of the essay or the plan of the essay. You have to get your readers to understand what you are writing about. The purpose of an essay can inform your reader of something or an argument about something like, “Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy?” If you can’t get your purpose across to your readers, they will not understand the essay. Purpose is so important. If you don't meet your purpose, nothing else matters. Audience is important because you have to know or determine who your audience is first. If you know who your audience, is then you can shape your essay the way you want it to be. If you don’t know the audience you would not know how to shape your paper; audience is a key to your paper. I also learned when writing a paper or essay you must consider several factors such as the age group, education level, and or culture of your audience. Most people do not realize the importance of an audience in an essay; therefore, they fail to…