Memo Analysis: Advisory Committee, System Development

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Date: December 29, 2014
To: David Brown, President
From: Asim Mehboob, VP Information Technology
Subject: Advisory Committee – System Development
I am writing this memo regarding the discussion we had that number of legacy system still in place which cause issues when data from different sources need to be combined. As a result, a new integrated system should be developed, in order for the company to contribute in operations, improve financial reporting and increase productivity.
As VP of Information Technology have formed an advisory committee which will support the planning and development of the new system and will also act as the liaison between the development team and the rest of the organization. The committee will be structured so that the needs and asks of all areas in the business will be brought to the discussion and planning phase of the system.
I would like to present advisory committee members which have been selected based on their potential skill and knowledge of the business in the organization and I am sure they will focus that the planning, development, implementation of the new system is achieved with the required level of effectiveness and efficiency.
The members of advisory committee are as follows,
VP of Information Technology
The VP of IT role at Spa works is important because the effectiveness of the system development will require appropriate technical and business knowledge of the current system in order to plan and develop the new system and transition from the old one without a substantial and material disruption in the operations. As VP of IT I have the required skill and background about business to provide the requirements and support in planning, organizing, assigning and controlling the setup of the new integrated systems.

Director of Operation
One of key post is director of operation that lead the business from the front, the person I selected for monitoring day to day operation of all spas and has been with our organization for thirteen years. He has thorough knowledge of the everyday activities of the spas and is also accountable for keeping all the managers informed on all operational modifications. His knowledge and expertise will help us in the planning and implementation of the new system.
Director of Finance/Accounts
The director of finance/accounts will perform a prime role in budgeting and cost control on this project. He also has a comprehensive and required knowledge of the current financial reporting system and requirements. He was selected for prompt financial reporting and sound analyses for all financial decision. He will assure that this project is completed in the most cost effective manner also provide major input in the development of the new system.
HR Manager
HR manager chooses “right man for right place in right time” .Also the latest expansion will mean hiring additional employees, need training and development, incorporate the payroll and the record keeping for employees. HR will also help in making sure the right skill set is hired for the roles required. The person I decided is jack of all and will also play an important role in planning the new system and requirements. Marketing Manager
The marketing manager is a well-trained person who has substantial experience in understanding Spa Works, customers and also its competition. The most important roles of the marketing manager are market research, development of marketing strategy and wide range plan, marketing mix and CRM.
The accomplishment of the system development depends on the involvement of each member of the Advisory Committee. I am confident that you will agree with the selection of the members of the committee.
I will arrange a meeting with the committee members upon your approval on this proposal and for further discussion .They all will be able to respond to any questions or concerns you might have .I hope this project would drive Spa Works towards better reporting, better