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TO: Department Manager, Leonard Shelton
FROM: Team Manager,
DATE: August 4, 2014
SUBJECT: Leadership Approach for New Market Segment Team
CC: Division Manager In response to the company’s strategic plan to enter a new market segment, a new department with additional teams will be added. This new department must efficiently meet the company goals in order to be successful in the new market segment.
Initially, the newest team in the department will consist of myself and Mr. Rodriguez. Our personalities should complement each other for this assignment based on the Jungian 16-type personality assessment. Mr. Rodriguez’s is scored an ESTJ on the assessment, which means he is realistic, analytical, decisive, and has a natural head for business. This type of personality will work well to assist in efficiently attaining the team goals set for entrance into a new market segment. His logical, analytical, and decisive traits will benefit the team when given tasks to complete. He should be able to understand, analyze, and act accordingly when working on tasks with minimal supervision. In addition to Mr. Rodriguez, I scored an ISTJ on the personality assessment. This means I am organized, compulsive, private, trustworthy, and practical. My personality traits will complement my team’s traits and help us to form a more productive and effective team through attaining group cohesiveness quickly.1 Also, my practicality will also allow me to focus on facilitating goal achievement, as well as giving Mr. Rodriguez the autonomy required to complete his tasks.2 I expect this team to be well organized, analytical, practical and decisive, which will lead to being highly productive and efficient in meeting the company goals.
Additionally, time is of the essence in establishing our company’s presence in this new market segment. Efficiently achieving the company’s goals will be the key to gaining a foot-hold in this market. It is imperative this team comes together quickly to make this a reality. Our team has the experience and tools necessary to be able to gel and start producing efficient results given our personalities and backgrounds. We both have similar personalities, extensive military backgrounds, and the drive to succeed. As a result, we are capable of meeting goals in high pressure situations.
Finally, a specific leadership approach for this team will be implemented. Based on our team’s personalities and an expected high tempo of operations, I have selected a path-goal approach to leadership. For this approach, I will need to remove any obstacles in my team’s way so he