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Su, zhenwei (Jessica)
Sherry Golden Lee
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Brilliance Lay off Staffs Memo

Date: September 20, 2013
To: All Brilliance Employees
From: Su, zhenwei (Jessica)
Subject: Reach a Larger Market

Maybe it will take you some precious time to read this letter, but I hope that you can use little time to read it. Now, I want to announce great news, our company will become stronger because we will buy a large manufacture of laptops. Then, our company will make more money; and become a better company in the future. Hence, we need to hire more employees to come in our company.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, many technology companies exist in the world. The rate of world changing is more quickly than our imagining. We must create our own strategy to be the leader in this industry. Now, there is a good chance for us --- buying a large chart manufacturer of laptops. The strategy for the purchase is that the new company will become more profitable and reach a larger market by selling both software and laptops.

In order to become stronger and better, we will need to hire manufacturing workers and engineers. We need more professional people to help us. We want to become better; we must use the best appropriate workers in the right positions. Using the best workers, we can create our own distributor channel in the technology field. We can attract more customers because they can buy not only top software; they also can buy laptops from our company. We will provide more convenience for our customers. Our company will deal in both hardware and software. Maybe everyone won not feel happiness but maybe this will be a situation that enhances future of the company.

Creating a new company cause the for more capital and technology. Because of this, in fact, some of our software production will be reduced. We cherish everyone who is in our company. However, we will not need as many current software engineers if we want to enhance our company. I am very sorry to say that this means we will have to lay off some employees. We cannot use the old machines to do new