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To: Mr. De Carlos, Director of Management of Information System, Caixa Galicia,

From: Jessy Owens, PHM HMG KLN, ISDS556 BI & DWH Solutions (IBDS), Inc.

Date: 11/10/2013

Subject: Eliminating uncertainty and guaranteeing adoption with profitability analytics initiative

Thank you for the opportunity to present our proposal for implementing the profitability project at Caixa Galicia. The decision to transform profitability analysis within the company is the right step forward and IBDS team will help you in every step of the way. At IBDS, we specialize in designing and implementing analytics environment using the latest and greatest DWH and BI technologies. In such big initiatives, IBDS team brings several value propositions to the table, including but not limited to in-depth industry knowledge, proven implementation strategies and highly capable consultants. We can eliminate the risk and uncertainty involved with the analysis, design and implementation of the project by building the foundation of the project on our proven, scalable and flexible models. The IBDS consultants add value with superior requirements analysis capabilities and technology skills that will help you to guarantee customer adoption of the final product. We will help you to build the profitability analytics environment that can go above and beyond reporting profit as revenue minus cost.

Reducing Risk of Failure - Start Small Scale Smart
How will we launch, manage, and reduce the risk of failure of the project

Profitability analytics projects are often high profile initiatives and we understand the importance of risk mitigation. For successful risk mitigation - we manage three aspects of the project aggressively - the launch, the scope and the design. IBDS’s processes mandate the project teams to consider following points while launching any analytics projects to avoid pitfalls later in the journey.

● Identify a business sponsor for the project and gather strong support from upper management
● Identify business needs and choose the ones that will have the maximum quantifiable impact.
● Perform feasibility and data quality checks to make sure that the data can support the analytics
● Work on short-term goals and identify long-term needs.
● Determine communication platform - we recommend corporate Google+ (+emails) environment as a communication platform to encourage crowd sourcing.

Once launched, the next critical item is to manage the scope. From our past experiences, for successful implementation we recommend to start small and then scale smart. In your specific case of profitability analysis at Caixa Galicia, the ideal approach will be to focus on doing a pilot program with few of your corporate/ business products or with high value products and/ or departments. We can build out a replacement for existing profit & loss reporting platform with advanced featured that can be of immediate value to the users. We can always apply the 80-20 rule to identify the products that could be included for the pilot program.

The biggest value that IBDS brings to the table is our pre-built, scalable and flexible financial/banking dimensional model and the metadata for profitability analytics. Though we have the capability to start from the scratch, we always recommend and propose the potential customers to get value from our existing predefined BI metadata and dimensional model. This can accelerate the project development while giving profitability insights within few weeks rather than in few months. The pre-built metadata include ELT scripts, industry standard BI reports and dashboards, which already built and ready to use the moment we can plug the model into your data. This solution comes with out of the box reports, score cards and dashboards which will help in behavioral analysis of customers by applying segmentation, clustering and targeting. The system also caters the standard P&L reports along with all necessary financial reports