Memo Writing Guidance Essay

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Memo Writing Guidance
To: A Colleague
From: Eli Scoggin
Date:October 12, 2014
Much like picking the moment to come talk to me about how to setup a bad memo for our boss, is the same as picking the right way to present the information to our boss. First, order of information must be accounted for with an evolving perception of how the information is received. Also, picking your words wisely should be taken in to perspective with the tone of the memo, since the information will be negative. It is understandable, if the tone reflects the gravity of the situation since many people appreciate sincerity. For example, “the networks went down this morning but they will be up in just over an hour.” Be sure to stay measured with the memo because you will sound more proficient with your own capabilities.
Staying positive in laying out a forward plan is always a good step forward. If you are able to share bad news with a solution then negative news will be taken with more ease. For example, “even though the machine broke we were able to replace it; with almost next to no time delay which made production more relevant with the newer machine.” Tough situations are bad enough for anyone, so always try and share what will be the next phase in a positive development.
As for the main memo itself, the lay out should be as follows.
Introduction should contain the following; scope, problem, and purpose.
Apparatus for tools and equipment used.
Procedures can occasionally be used for details that may be unusual to those reading the memo.
The body of course will be needed for the main information obtained to be discussed and evaluated.
Lastly, conclusion and recommendations will be needed for significant implications and actions, which need to