Memoir: Bipolar Disorder and Way Essay

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All throughout all of our lives we have found our own ways of coping with the problems that occur to us day in and day out. Some find peace in exercise and meditation, while others might resort to other negative stimulants such as alcohol and drugs. But for me, I find that the best way to deal with anything and everything is by listening to music. There’s nothing better for me to just put my headphones on and just drown out the world around me. It’s nice to get away at times; music is an amazing way to escape. Sometimes I listen to heavier music when I’m angry and softer music for when I’m just happy. But the best is when I find lyrics that I can completely connect with, and every so often you may find a song that even seems like it was written about your life. It’s those songs that I can listen to when I’m at my lowest.
Growing up I was always the tallest kid in my class so I got a lot of attention in school. None of which was the good attention. Getting any attention brought a lot of people picking on me which made me a major victim of being bullied. Once the bullying starts, it spreads like a wildfire out of control; a wildfire that would burn for nine years. Along the way, I found out firsthand what the destructive things bullying could do to a kid that didn’t know how to get help.
Suicide was something that I had only heard about in movies growing up; I could never imagine how someone could just end their life. What could push them that much to even contemplates such a drastic event? But there it was, the idea found its way into my head around the summer before seventh grade. The only things running through my head were, “Why are these kids so mean? What did I ever do to deserve this?” It wasn’t until the middle of seventh grade that I finally knew that I had to get help with my problems. The doctor I went and talked to diagnosed me as having a condition called Bipolar Disorder. “Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that is characterized by extreme changes in mood, from mania to depression. It can lead to risky behavior, damaged relationships and careers, and even suicidal tendencies if it's not