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Shannon Morrison
Composition- questions pg. 657 #1-#4
According to her research, the effects of multi-tasking overall makes a person less efficient and less focused on a certain task. As Edward Hallowell stated,” you have to keep in mind that you sacrifice focus when you do this.” She has concluded that people generally spend the majority of the day doing this and in the end the tasks at hand are not completed to the full ability they could be if we were to focus on them one at a time instead. I don’t think she discusses the causes in her article because she is rather trying to focus on the effects instead. Also, the causes to multi-tasking can be almost anything it just depends on the person and what responsibilities and tasks each person has individually. I personally think that multi-tasking is caused by individuals trying to complete more projects at once. They believe they are more efficient by working on several different projects at once.
I think she maintains a tight focus well in this article. She stays on the subject at hand and her article doesn’t jump all over the place. This helps the readers understand the subject better by actually grabbing their attention and getting the reader to focus on the article. I think the title plays in because it’s a title that makes you want to pay attention and actually see if she is right by not multi-tasking.
The term e-mail voice was a definition that grabbed my attention. I have never heard this before and the definition she uses makes sense. I think this contributes to the