Personal Essay: A Rainy Day At A Walk Home

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Sharon Hicks
Mrs. Walker
AP Lang. and Comp
30 March 2015
Chapter One
It was a rainy day in June 2014 and its was getting close to the end of the school year. My friends and I were just getting out of school but since it was raining I had called my mother to come pick us up. When she came and everyone had got in the car it was an awkward silence because not only did she just find out I was bisexual the day before but she had also just found out that my best friend Rodricka was as well. Not knowing how to deal with this news and her strong dislike for it she barely said two words to anyone the car ride home. Once we had dropped off Sabrina, Rodricka girlfriend we went to go drop Rodricka off. When we arrived at her house she tried to talk to my mother considering my mother was mad at her for not telling her and leaving her to find out about it the way she did. But that backfired because my mother was in no mood to talk, so she rudely ignored Rodricka plea to fix the situation.
Now lets go back two days before where all this hostility and tension had started.
It was still the month of June 2014, but on this day it was sunny so my friends and I decided to walk home. On this walk home it was Tre’maine(my best friend),
Rodricka,Sabrina and I. We were all walking to my house to hang out, as we were walking up to my door my mother walked outside “Come on in” she yelled “Sharon little brother has something he want to present”. “Okay” we all said simultaneously as we

walked up the stairs. Once inside we all gathered up on the couches Tre’maine and I on the lazy boy sofa, and Rodricka and Sabrina on the loveseat. We sat and watched my little brothers presentation and once he was done my mother had left and told everyone she would be right back. While she was gone my friends and I just sat in the living room and talked. During the conversation Rodricka and Sabrina got into an argument and
Rodricka had got mad so in order to try and calm her down Sabrina started hugging her and would not let her go until she stop being mad. While she was hugging her Jasmine came through the door, (Jasmine is someone that my mother has guardianship over so she lives with us). She looked over at Rodricka and Sabrina and then went immediately to the room, I had thought it was odd that she did that because she would normally speak but I just left it alone and continued my conversation with Tre’maine. About an hour later my mother had returned so we all went outside and spent the rest of the day at the park. After everyone had went home I came in cleaned up and went to sleep.
When I woke up the next day I got up and showered and did my daily routine when getting ready for school. The school day was like any other day exhausting and full of work, after school was over I walked home with my brother we talked on the way home considering we had grew oddly close once he became a teenager, as we were walking up to the house my mother was waiting at the door for us. She told us to drop our bags in the house and to head to the car because we were going over to our fathers house for a family meeting. This was oddly unusual because although my parents were still in touch with each other after the separation my mother never really kept him in the loop of

the decisions she made when it came us. So when she told us this I knew that it was serious. Chapter Two:
The Sit Down
My dad stays with his girlfriend and her mother, so when we pulled up they all greeted us at the door. Once inside me and my brother sat on the couch and my mom and dad sat in chairs across from us, my mother started off the meeting hinting she was not happy.
Mom: “So I have been told that Rodricka And Sabrina were rubbing and touching on each other under my roof.”
Me: “Well where did you get that information from because it is not true?”
Mom: “Do not worry about it. Since when did Rodicka start dating girls?”
Me: “Since she started