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DATE: September 15, 2014
TO: Mr. Richard Sherman
FROM: Trevor Taylor
SUBJECT: Absence Due to Conference

On September 22 of next week, for 3 days I will be away from the office due to my attendance at the Real Estate Partner’s International conference in Phoenix. At the conference I hope to boost our network and business relations as well as gain insight on more real estate knowledge and inside information. The conference feature four key speakers which include the following people:
1. Jordan Belfast
2. William Brown
3. Zachary Anderson
4. Matthew Edleman

I encourage you to review the brochures I will have on my desk while I am away and I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to go over the new blueprints.
Thank you.

1919 W. 23rd Street Denver, CO 80204 1-800-551-8777 Fax: 1-815-654-0000

September 15, 2014

30467 Sheraton
Phoenix, AZ 80204

Subject: Request for More Information on Monitors

Before I can successfully purchase a bulk order of 125 new flat-screen monitors from your company, Apex requests to obtain more information on them. My company needs to ensure that your rates are still competitive as well as comparing shipping schedules.

Please provide the following information:

1. What are the rates on bulk orders?
2. Are there discounts offered bulk purchases?
3. What is your shipping schedule?
4. What is the turnaround time from order placement to delivery?
5. Will there be an extra cost for your