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POL 303 The American Constitution
March 04, 2013 Memorandum
I am writing to propose a solution to a problem of how the Establishment Clause forbids the teaching of the theory of intelligent Design in public schools. The problem is there are not enough textbooks and the ones that are on hand are outdated. In hope that you will approve my proposal and get the funding to order up to date text books and enough in order to teach intelligent Design in public schools in the next six months. Ordering new books will enable schools to have enough for every student to learn the theory of intelligent Design.
What is the intelligent Design Theory? “The Intelligent Design Theory says that intelligent causes are necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology and that these causes are empirically detectable. Certain biological features defy the standard Darwinian random-chance explanation, because they appear to have been designed. Since design logically necessitates an intelligent designer, the appearance of design is cited as evidence for a designer. There are three primary arguments in the Intelligent Design Theory: 1) irreducible complexity, 2) specified complexity, and 3) the anthropoid principle” (.
Currently, throughout the school district of Hinesville Georgia there is only enough books for a single school to teach this subject Intelligent Design. There are six elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools in the District of Liberty County. None of these schools have an updated textbook to use in order to conduct the teaching of Intelligent Design Theory. The textbooks that are on hand are the same textbooks that were used for many years. The information in the textbooks is out of date. Moreover, these are the same textbooks we were using when the theory was discontinued to teach in any school.
An additional problem with these textbooks is that the information is very basic. The books do not include information about how the theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause. “Chief Justice Brennan” ("The supreme court," 1987) dissents proponents of intelligent design argue that the theory of evolution by natural selection is itself a religious assertion that denies the doctrine of God as creator. “Chief Justice Brennan” ("The supreme court," 1987) also says it’s hard to say the theory doesn’t at least challenge the biblical doctrine of God as creator. In much the same way that astronomical theories of star formation and so forth do, and this does pose a legitimate First amendment Problem: How schools teach scientific topics that challenge core religious beliefs? And are they under an obligation to accommodate these beliefs by teaching more religiously inclusive alternative theories” (Head, 2013)? Justice Scalia dissenting opinion: The Intelligent Design Theory is not biblical creationism. There is an important distinction between the two positions. Biblical creationists begin with a conclusion that the biblical account of creation is reliable and correct, that life on Earth was designed by an intelligent agent—God. They then look for evidence from the natural realm to support this conclusion. Intelligent Design theorists begin with the natural realm and reach the conclusion that life on Earth was designed by an intelligent agent ("What is the," 2013).
Purchasing new textbooks will benefit all of the students in being taught intelligent design throughout the District of Liberty County schools. I propose that the textbooks be ordered from a well known book distributer. The best distributer I propose that we order textbooks from is Wadsworth publishing. I have seen one middle school with textbooks from this publisher