Memorandum To Be Aware Of The Speed And Quality Of A Company

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interoffice memorandum to: VP of finance from: kristen armstrong subject: recommendations for super print date: cc:


Employees need to be aware of the speed and quality of their service when it comes to the consumer. They should have the skills required to use all the machines and software at the company. Employees should have training on new technology and policies within the company. Employees should communicate with consumers often about the processing and time of the service and materials provided. Employees should also be aware of the inventory (paper, ink, and update) to give to upper management to make sure the company is always up on supplies for the consumer.
Julie will make sure the company is working at maximum efficiency while implementing the company’s goals. In order to do this she will need to focus on the company’s weak areas and tasks for improvement. The company’s resources will need to be monitored to make sure we are not wasting any time or money. There should be sufficient resources to handle services efficiently no consumer should have to continually wait to use a resource. Employees should be performing their duties efficiently with no duplication of work between them. Julie should identify and poor performance and correct it immediately. She will also need a daily report of sales broken down by each business line so she can determine the profitable of the company. There will need to be a line for black and white copies, color