Memorial Day Short Story

Words: 731
Pages: 3

The Memorial Day weekend was over, and Mr. Cassidy knew there were many cans and bottles strewn along the riverbank. After breakfast, using his truck he went to collect them. “I’ll pick up a load today and finish tomorrow,” he said, driving to the river.

When he arrived at the riverbank, he noticed he was the only one parked in the lot. While using large trash bags he filled it with cans and bottles picked up along the bank and soon filled the back of the truck. Before going to the center, Ernest looked around to see if he needed to bring the truck the next day or if he could get them in the cart. While going down the pathway, he noticed a man’s shoe. Upon checking, he discovered a fully clothed man’s body. Thinking someone may have hurt him or he was sick, Ernest crawled under the bushes to check him. He panicked when he saw the man’s face. He recognized Steven Walker at once and noticed a business card sticking out of his jacket pocket, which he removed and looked at it. A look of panic covered his face as he read the card again before he stuck it in his pocket and ran to his truck. On the way home, he continued saying, “I need to tell him, it will shock him. What happened?”
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Don Kelley owner, and operator of the Mountain State Animal Hospital. His fingers trembled as he dialed the number and let it ring five times before he hung up and redialed, this time; it rang four times before he yelled. “Damn it, answer your phone. We need to talk.”

Again, he dialed and let ring his friend was out of breath when he answered, “Dr. Kelley is speaking, may I help you?”
“I’ve been calling you,” Ernest said sounding irritated.
“Tell me, what’s wrong.”
“I found Steven Walker’s body in the bushes down by the river bank,” Ernest said. “I came home and called you. Of course, you never answered your phone. What should we do?” He asked sounding