Memory and Time Essay

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Angelica Garcia

Memory and Time Responding to the questions that Foer’s wonders about time without memory, I believe that there would not be such thing as time without memory. Our memories are very essential in our lives because as Foer says, they “stretch out physiological time and lengthen the perception of our lives” (77). Memories are what we experience as time passes us by. If memories where to be terminated it would not allow us to move forward because there would be nothing that would have the need to progress. Memories ensure individuals that there is such a thing as time. Without memories, we can also say that there is such a thing as time, yet we would not be aware of it. When we look behind and by the time a year has passed us by too fast, we usually do not remember much because of the little memory that we have stored. I believe that the existence of time relies primarily on the capacity of our memories. For example, when we have a simple talk with another person and time passes by, the memory of that conversation is no longer there. It might exist somewhere in our minds, but most of us are not able to access that memory because we have not trained our minds to access long term memory, due to the external resources that we are given in our modern era. What we experience is intersected with time and memory. It takes up time to have experienced something and then a memory is created out of it. This topic makes me think about the movie 50 First…