Memory Keepers Daughter Literary Analysis Essay

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In the book “The Memory Keeper's Daughter” by Kim Edwards a doctor and his wife have twins and the first child is a healthy boy but then the second child that comes out is a little girl with the signs of down syndrome and he asks his Nurse to take the baby away to an institution while he tells his wife the baby girl died. Through out the entire book it is a struggle for Dr. Henry's wife Norah to have closure with the fact that her baby girl is said to be dead and she never saw her, held her, or cared for her. Kim Edwards shows through the whole book that we are only human, the themes that life is beyond our control and through the connection between suffering and joy.
Edwards uses plot to set up a sort of life schedule. It goes in order
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In day to day life there are always the people that make mistakes with good intentions. The authors point wasn't to completely make David the antagonist in the story but yet he was that one person who's mistake was made with half hearted good intentions, he wanted to spare his doting wife the pain of having to raise one child with down syndrome, he didn't want her to think that it was her fault in anyway. David just wanted the problem to go away not fully realizing that the problem wasn't his daughter it was him having to deal with his own past. David Henry's sister died at the young age of twelve and she had down syndrome as well, it is really sad that this character couldn't deal with his own past so much that he ruined his present and his future. He knew the pain that his sister having down syndrome had left on him and her death that not only was he trying to spare his wife the pain of having a daughter with down syndrome but yet the author was trying to convey to the reader that he also did it to protect his son from it as well. Norah becomes the character you feel bad for not a protagonist but yet just that good character who's life unfolding before her is the result of decisions from those around her. She is constantly depressed from thinking she lost her daughter, then she is also