Memory Strategies for Students Essay

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Memory Strategies 2


The research is demonstrating the use of memory strategy in an educational setting; this study examines the use of chunking on telephone numbers by students on campus. There were a total of 40 students that participated, and they were split into two groups consisting of 20 students per group. The control group used chunking as their memory strategy for memorizing a list of 10 telephone numbers. In contrast, the experimental group has used no specific strategy to memorize the list of numbers that was given to them. Each group was given 15 minutes to memorize their list of 10 telephone numbers and they had 5 minutes to write it down on paper. People that used memory strategies has shown to have memorized
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Each group of participants was given the informed consent and was told about the nature of the study. Afterwards, they filled out a survey about the demographics, so I can get a

Memory Strategies 6 better idea of my sample. The students also received extra credit for volunteering in this experiment and they were able to withdrawal at any given time without a lost of points. The control group was taught to use the chunking method as a memory strategy in retaining a list of telephone numbers. They were told to break down the telephone numbers by smaller units, to memorize it more effectively. So the participants broke the numbers into a set of 3 and 4 to remember. Whereas, the experimental group was just told to use any memory strategy they can think of to memorize the list of numbers. The duration of the study took about a week for me to conduct the research and analyze the results. Each result was carefully examined and inserted into excel for further analysis.
The mean was obtained for each participant, as the result was gathered from everyone. Table 1 shows both the control group and experimental group, along with their mean and standard deviations of both measures. The mean was gathered from the points received by each participant as they wrote down the list of numbers they recalled within 15 minutes. For every set of 3 numbers written down, each participant was given 1 point for