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Memory Systems Exam
Rebekah James
23 Feb 15
Dr. Holly Berry

Memory Systems Exam. This exam consist of 10 questions in which the answers will be multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, and true or false. Ensure that you read the entire question before answering and give the best answer that you can for each of them.

1. Chunking commonly includes the recall of information using ______ and _______ tasks.
a. semantic; syllables
b. serial; free recall
c. long term; short term
d. none of the above

2. Psychologists often make distinctions between three types of memory. The three types are __________________________, __________________________ and ______________________________.

3. What is explicit memory?

4. There are those that claim memories are never really “forgotten”. What can affect a persons ability to recall information?
a. Decay
b. Reprogramming
c. Erasing
d. All of the above

5. What is episodic memory and how can it be improved?

6. Encoding is the final step in the memory process and creating new memories
True or False

7. There are four types of encoding involved in the memory process. These are _________________, ______________________, _______________________ and ________________________.

8. What is the difference between visual and auditory stimuli? How can they help to encourage encoding and recall?

9. The two methods of retrieving information are recognition and recall
True or false

10. In the correct order, memory is the ability of the brain to do what with information?
a. Process, consolidate, and retain
b. Encode, process, and stimulate
c. Encode, store, and recall
d. Store, encode, and recall

1. B.
2. Working, short term, and long term
3. Explicit memory is the