Essay on Men and Women

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During life men and women experience many issues related to their differences. Emotional, physical, and mental issues are just a few of the contrasting sides that we have to learn to better understand before having a productive, lasting relationship. These differences, if not worked on can cause the demise of a relationship or a marriage. When men and women become a pair they have to work with each other to make things work. They also have to learn to make sacrifices not just for their relationship but for their family too. If they are not willing to make sacrifices for their relationship and work things out, the relationship will never last. Emotionally men and women are different due to their hormones and surroundings. Men are typically much more opposed to trying to understand women’s differences. Women are much more attentive of men’s wants and needs. Men tend to bottle up their emotions and express them in anger during confrontations with other people male or female. In order for men and women to work things out, they have to learn to deal with each other’s feelings and emotions. If they need to work on that they can go to therapy to learn to respect the feelings of each other. If therapy does not work, then the next step is to walk away from the relationship. The opposite sex often bases their attraction to one another simply on their physical appearance instead of their personality. In appearance, men are typically taller and more muscular than women are. Women tend to be shorter in height and not as concerned about the muscular definition that a man is. Also, a woman’s body forms more maturely than a man’s does. Both men and women are generally much different physically but are both competitive. If two competitive people are together, they will have to learn how to handle certain situations. Mentally men and women are very much different due to society. The society shows a sexual…