Essay on Men and Women

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Men and Women
The difference between men and women is that the women were to stay home, take care of the family and do things that house wives do at home. The women do about all the jobs that men are able to do, but they seem to be paid less. The women are slowly entering the political field, in addition to working. In the home women are still expected to cook, clean and care for the children, in addition to working. The men work to feed their families able to cook and do things that women do at home, but most of the time, the men come home from work and watch television.
Today men and women approach problems but with different considerations. While men and women can solve problems equally well, their approach and their process are often different. Women are usually more concerned about how the problems are solved than merely solving the problem itself. Most men are less concerned and approach problems in a very different manner. They are often distracted and do not attend well to the quality of the relationship while solving the problems.
The process of thinking they consider and process information can be quite different.
Women tend to be intuitive global thinkers, come to understand and consider problems at once. Men tend to focus on one problem at a time or a limited number of problems at a time and may work through a problem repeatedly, talk about the same thing over, rather than trying to address the problem all at once. In generally, the appeal of a