Men Dressed As Women Are Shot At Near NSA

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Workshop #2 Articles Summary
Vianeth Avila
ENGL 500

"Men dressed as women are shot at near NSA”. From
On Monday, two men dressed as women smashed a stolen car into a police vehicle at the gates of the national Security Agency, promoting police to open fire. One of the men died, the other was injured, and police officer also was taken to a hospital. It was not know why the men were up at the gate at Fort Meade and why did not obey orders from NSA police. The NSA said an agency officer gave the driver “routine instructions for safely exiting the secure campus,” but the driver disobeyed them. The driver then accelerated toward a police vehicle blocking the road, and police then opened fire. The NSA said the incident was contained to the perimeter of secure campus. Fort Meade also is home to the Defense Information Systems Agency and the U.S. cyber Command. About 11,000 military personnel and about 29,000 civilians work on the property.
NSA in Fort Meade two men dressed as women, disobeyed the safety of this agency and crashed his car into a vehicle for the police, then the police opened fire and one of the men died, the other was wounded and a police officer also was injured and taken to a hospital. it is not known because these men disobeyed police and because his car collided, Fort Meade is a national security agency y also is the home to Defense Information Systems Agency.

“Co-pilot had been treated for suicidal tendencies”. From
The co-pilot of the Germanwing jetliner that crashed in the French Alps had been treated for “suicidal tendencies” before receiving this pilot’s license. Andreas Lubitz, had been treated by psychotherapists “over a long period of time,” the prosecutor’s office said, without providing precise dates. In follow up visits to doctors since that time, the prosecutor said,” no sign of suicidal tendencies or aggression toward others were documented”. Investigators from Germany, France, and beyond are facing the difficult task of determining what motivated Lubitz. The latest announcement by prosecutors suggests they…