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Dan Sauer Mr. Davis
Paintings of Clocks

The first painting I chose is one of Salvador Dali’s most famous works called “The Persistence of Memory”. Dali was a Surrealist from Spain. (Authenticsociety) Dali was influenced by Picasso, Raphael and Ramon Pichot. (Onlineclock) In this painting Dali painted the clocks very oddly, because they seem to be melting or floppy. The fleshy object seems to be a fetus or some kind of person washed up by the sea. . (Authenticsociety) The only clock that remains regular is the orange

stop watch. He doesn’t seem to put a whole lot of detail into this particular painting, but I don’t think that is the focus of this work. To me I think this painting represents time fading away, and when time passes, so will you eventually. I also think the orange stop watch represents society and even though you may pass, society and humanity is still there. I think this painting is very good and well known, because of all the symbolism. I also love this, because Dali made an effort to be different and succeeded. The creativity behind this painting makes it stand out and makes you think. I also like how it gets from dark to light as to go up the painting. I could not figure out symbolism for this, but I still think it was interesting. He could have added more detail, but besides that, I think the painting is great. Even though this painting doesn’t show much detail, I think it differs from the others, because it has more details. It also differs, because it is way more odd and intruiging

This next painting is an abstract work by Peter Dranitsin. The title of this work is “Abstract Clock”. Peter was a marine and painted as a hobby. (B. Shelly) Dranitsin says the thing that motivates him is “Creating something beautiful out of something unknown is my motivation in creating new abstract paintings.” (B. Shelly) He also says he likes using acrylic paints on canvas, because he can control the paint the best. (B. Shelly) I think this painting is an overall good painting, but it gives me a depressing, kind of gloomy feeling. I think the colors probably were describing his emotions while he was painting this. The painting got lighter as you looked inward. I think this may symbolize that everything is going to get better and pull you away from those dark and gloomy times in your life. I think this differs from the painting from Salvador Dali, because the types of style are totally different. I felt like I can relate to this one a little better then the painting by Dali, because Dali was way more out there and it was hard to catch the symbolism he was trying to express, while in Dranitsin’s painting I could actually relate to being sad and gloomy.
One thing I can criticize about is the title. He could have been more creative with it. I thought the painting was very neat and I could relate to it, so I really