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Men Vs Women Working Out

Working out is a way of life we choose to live that can be incorporated into your life in many ways. Good health and a good figure are just some of the benefits that exercising provides. Both men and women have complete different approaches and reasons on why and how they work out. When you hear men talking about working out you know for a fact that they're talking and thinking about "pumping iron" or some really intense or competitive activity. When you hear a girl talking about working out you know for a fact it's going to be the complete opposite. Women are not very competitive and they choose activities which are not as intense as what males believe is a good activity that will provide them with a immensely intense workout. Women choose actives such as yoga or pilates or some light cardio, at least that's what the stereo type is. Now that we think of it we can't really imagine a women going to the gym and racking the heaviest weight there is, however there are some women who train and lift weights intensely like men but majority of them don't.
Some similarities women and men have with working out are that they both overlook the health benefits of working out and focus more on the physical delivery of the workout. Another similarity about the two sexes is that they both have routines made up of what they are going to do and have a goal of what they are striving for in mind. Men usually treat women differently in the gym and try to act more dominant just because the gym is like a sanctuary where they can prove themselves to be extraordinary and impress women while women have a whole other act of impressing men by looking pretty and maintaining that status while working out so that practically mean avoiding sweating. Another final similarity between most men and women are that they usually have diets with men eating more and women eating less.
Some differences between the sexes are that men get their motivation from the image of getting big and achieving a muscular physique while women have their mind set on getting toned and gaining a figure and don't really care about muscle gains. Men are also very competitive when other men are involved while women are far less into challenging and beating other women in