Men are from Mars women are from venus Essay

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is a very popular book by John Gray that suggest that men and women are so different that they might as well come from different planets. I believe that men and women are different because of our biological make-up that makes us think differently and view things in different aspects. However, I do believe that we are all human beings, and I don’t mean that in a philosophical way but in the way that as humans we all have the same needs. I think that social stigmas have made us think that we are more different then we actually are. “Both biological and social factors have influenced the division of labor by sex, and the division of labor provides the basis for gender stratification by affecting the …show more content…
Whether it is making the color of a room blue (for males) or pink (for females), parents begin to contribute to gendering. It is stupid to believe that a simple thing as a boy liking pink makes him feminine and a girl liking blue makes her masculine. They are nothing but colors, but unconsciously this is what society implants into children. Examples like this are the reason that men and women are seen to be different, because as soon as you are a child society has already told you what you can like as boy and what you can like as a girl. My point is that we (both males and females) create this diversity and ideology at a very young age.

Even though we still have these gendering issues we as a society have still come a long way. As far as the feminine mystique goes it has changed a lot in the last 50 years. Women used to have to ask their husbands permission to be able to get a job, and anti-discrimination laws do not allow a female to not be able to get a position because of her sex. So we as a society are improving, however the masculine mystique really hasn’t changed that much. Men are always conscious of affirming their manhood. We cannot cry, we cannot think things are “cute” and any ounce of femininity is considered “gay”. Kimmel argues that it’s often less about sexual orientation than about gender meant to suggest that a guy isn’t masculine enough.

Men do need to change, however I feel that society as a whole needs to push these