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Type Your Name Here! Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

&Reading Response # 3 Chapter(s): Mengestu, Chapters 3 & 4

DIRECTIONS: (Do not delete these directions!) After completing the entire reading for the day, answer the first two questions below in fully developed paragraphs (10-12 sentences in each paragraph). Answer thoroughly and in complete sentences. Mind your grammar Κ! This is a formal assignment, so proof read and edit carefully. I want sophisticated answers that demonstrate you have not only done the reading, but also have given some real thought to the questions Κ! It also is a requirement that you integrate quotes from the reading to strengthen your discussion of each question. Failure to do so will result in your losing five (5) points! (Do not use block quotes). Be sure to include the page number of your integrated quotes so I know where in the reading to find them. Be sure to save your reading response on your own computer, upload your assignment as a Single File Word Document to Catalyst, and then print out a hard copy to hand in at the beginning of class on the due date.

After reading this section I wonder… (What questions do you have after your reading? What do you feel was not explained thoroughly enough? What do you anticipate will happen next in the “story”? Be thorough! And don’t “wonder” about something that is actually addressed/answered in the reading; otherwise, why wonder about it Κ?)

After reading chapter 3, I wanted to know more about Judith. It seem like she really wasn’t mention in chapter 3 since it goes back into the present day. I wanted to know what was going to happened between Stephanos and Judith. But what i do wonder is what happened to all the woman who vanish completely from the circle. I wasn’t sure what chapter three was mostly about, I felt as if it was a description of what he does a daily basis and remembering his past. After reading chapter 4, I was really excited about how both of them were having some type of romance. It left me wanting more about their relationship. I wonder if they are going to get closer in the next chapter possible even a relationship?

Episode: Discuss what you consider an important episode in the reading. Refer to the event only, without summarizing it. Why is the event important? How does the episode give us more insight into the overall themes in the novel? (Do not discuss anything that you have already discussed in question #1. Choose a different event!)

While reading chapter 3, one of the parts that stood out for me is when Stephanos are talking about the “hos” that used to go to his store. Girls who just came to the store to flirt and shoplift. It makes me think he didn’t care what was