Meninges and Brain Essay

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Central Nervous System.
There is regulation and quick regulation, a regulation is you can bring your response very quick and terminate it quickly. And this regulation is followed by short term very immediate.
Afferent->info sent to our brain efferent->info sent from our brain..
Out of CNS is called PHERIPHERY.
Sensory in your senses, seeing smelling, hearing feeling.
Visceral means ORAGANS
* all of the stimuli coming from inside, those information are fed to our brain telling that our heart beat rate and blood pressure should go up..
*everything we talk, visual, taste, smells is info is going up to our CNS and coming down to efferent, so we can response to that.
*plasticity can go over after certain period of time. And by training. It can be cure.
SOMATIC – a SOMA means (body) which it means it control our body. Its made of motor neurons and they innovate your muscles so it allow for us to point at something.
AUTONOMIC – isn’t necessarily automatic. ; has control over (sympathetic ns, and parasympathetic.)
Parasympathetic – is both excitory and inhibitory. It depends on what organs we looking into.
Eg) SYMPATHETIC my muscles were excited and heart, but my lung were inhibited. So a lots of air could get in. PARASYMPATHETIC heartbeat slows down, muscles relax. Everything was inhibit flip flop.
Pain receptor- noci-ceptor takes the information and sends it up the afferent path way toward the central N.S. the receptor gets the info and has to transduce it into action potential that goes running up toward the c.n.s. you can have splitting axon, so you have multiple synaps and we have 3 synapses. One that is excitory and one is inhibitory and one excitory and headed to the brain.
*SPINAL CORD is part of CNS has two function, one is help loop the AFFERENT to EFFERENT for quick reflex with no input from brain.
*other infos, like our brain can learn and have a L.T.M response not just reflex out of way.
The pathway here this is EFFERENT, and since we are moving our body to respond, its SOMATIC… and it would be motor NEURONS…
Inter neurons is at CNS but interneurons means that its is INTER between two other neurons..
AFFERENT is working thru AXON and PERIPHERAL..
Interneurons can split and give multiple feedback to efferent.
Cortex is bit of white matter and gray matter.
Gray is gray becuz of cell bodies (not mayelinated) and white is white becuz if myelinated axon.
ASTROCYTE is providing a structure framework for development of brain. it is holding onto capillary it is in charge of telling the capillary u are in the brain now.. capillary in junction, there is blood brain barrier, u don’t want infection in ur brain that can kill u.. who signals are u in the brain now and u need tight junctions, that is ASTROCYTE. Gives this info to brain and this blood brain barrier. What else do they do? U can see it is providing structure and support. It always looks like it is holding on to the neuron, but it is giving them structre and support. It provides interaction between neurons, it can help end the message.
Allow for communication between neruons.
Help recovering neuro transmitter
Also have ability to reclaim neuro transmitter that has been used and released. So u can uptake it and recyle it so u can use it again.
Oligodendrocytes provide myeliensheets.
Oligodendrocyte can’t create tunnel of mylien and lace it like swann cell..

It has hormones that support neuro health..
Helps u remember that the structure of cell is dynamic….
It can make itself more round and thru action with cytoplasmic.. (round up means round up the dendrocyte thingy)
In times they round up and move and deal with infection or injury and cleans up the site and kill invaders.

*lining cell and spinal cord
* help circulating and producing the spinal fluid
* they have right to develop into any other cell which means they are frequently the root problem for cancer in the