; Mennace of Terrorism Essay

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Menace of terrorism The word “terror” comes from a Latin word, meaning “to frighten”. According to Encyclopedia of social sciences it is a method where by an organized group of party seeks to achieve its avowed aim chiefly through the systematic use of violence. The US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) 1980 definition of it, duly accepted by the state department is:”the purpose of individuals or groups, whether acting for, or in opposition to established government authority, when such actions are intended to shock, or intimidate a target group wider than the immediate victims” Terrorism is characterized by a technique of perpetrating random and brutal intimidation, coercion, destruction of human lives and property, and used intentionally by sub national groups operating under varying degree of stress, to obtain realistic or illusionary goals. It’s an act specifically targeted against the state or community, it has a political purpose, it is illegal & unlawful, and it aims at intimidating and creating impact of fear and panic, not only for the victim but also for the people at large. It is accompanied by feeling of impotence and helplessness on the part of the masses .It stops rational thinking, it leads to reaction of fight or fight, and it contains arbitrariness in violence, as victims’ selection is random or indiscriminate. There are various dimensions of terrorism, like political terrorism, criminal terrorism, religious terrorism and global terrorism. Communalism is the constant factor in political terrorism, at least in India: often it takes the connotation of being anti- dalit, ant-adivasi, anti-minority.the worst form of political terrorism is state sponsored terrorism. It is either against some neighboring countries or against some particular section in the same country, prime example being Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorism due to power given to religious leader is also a kind of political terrorism. The use of blasphemy laws in Pakistan against Christians and the notorious “Hudood ordinance” (cussed to incarcerate women who accused men of rape, but were unable to prove the charge) are example of state sponsored politico-religious terrorism. In Indian context, criminal violence is not always categorized as terrorism. Quite often isolated murders, kidnappings and robbery do not come under terrorist activities. There are some organized gangs of professional murderers and a kidnapper working in India. The main motive behind these activities is to procure easy money atmosphere of fear and panic to establish their authority for furthering criminal gains .however, violence in the riots comes under terrorist activities. More over crime under “explosive substance act” also fall under the same section. Islamic terrorism (a kind of religious terrorism) has been a prominent feature of politics of the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan etc. Islamic fundamentalism is creating havoc all across the world; terror in the name of “Jihad” with Middle East countries providing moral, physical, ideological and monetary support to terrorist organizations. Terrorism is certainly not new, but of recent it has acquired world wide dimension. The 9/11 attack on the world trade centre and 26/11 attack on the Taj hotel in Mumbai in the recent past and many incidents of bomb blast in train or a crowded bus, blast in public places like market, parks, multiplex, hotels testifies this. It has also taken form of land mines blast, fidayeen attacks, and hostage taking in the recent past. On an average, around 200 international violent terrorist movements and attacks take place every year and at least 800 people die or are wounded due to terrorism. As per the defense budget for the fiscal 2011-12, the Indian Finance Ministry has given a 11.6 per cent hike which amounts to $34 billion. These facts clearly show the threat caused to humanity by terrorism. With the increased globalization and technological…