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CHAP:13 Making it in Midlife; The
Biopsychosocial Challenges of Middle Adulthood

Discuss the Physical Changes and health
-Changes in appearance, bones, joints, reproductive, stress and health

Discuss Cognitive Development
-Practical Intelligence, becoming and expert and lifelong learning

Discuss Personality

-5 factor Model and Changing Priorities in Midlife

Discuss Family Dynamics and Middle Age
-Their children and aging parents

Changes in Appearance

Gray Hair
Male pattern baldness
“Middle-aged bulge”

Bones and Joints
Skeleton maturity

Bone mass stays the same until menopause for women and late life for men

- can cause spinal vertebrae to collapse
-Non-Latina white women and Asian women have the highest risk
-More common in woman then men

-leading cause of broken bones in older women

Things that increase osteoporosis -Vitamin D, - Calcium, estrogen depletion, lack of weigh bearing exercise, smoking, high protein diets, alcohol intake, caffeine, sodium, and women getting treatment for asthma, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems & epilepsy

Eating healthy helps decrease the chances

Bones and Joints Cont.

Women over 65 are encouraged to get a
T- score
help slow down bone breakdown
SERM are taken to help prevent bone loss and reduced spinal fractures

-considered the wear and tear disease
-from early 20’s joints start thinning cracking and fraying -affects the hands, hips, spine, hips, knees and etc

Rheumatoid arthritis
-morning stiffness aches in fingers, wrist and ankles on both side, joint are swollen and there is no cure

Video of Rheumatoid
Arthritis ouUVGzG8 Menopause

Symptom: “hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, mod changes, difficulty concentrating, vaginal dryness, changing cholesterol levels and varies aches and pains” Menopause Cultural different 

Chinese woman: +sleep disturbance and fatigue
European American: - physical symptoms after climacteric African American: +physical symptom after climacteric Japanese: - hot flash but + in headache, ear ringing, & dizziness, called it “menopause syndrome” Sociocultural factors are critical to understanding how women will be affected by menopause What happens to the vagina?

Vaginal walls shrink, thin, the size -, lubrication – and delay
Sex may become painful, orgasms may take longer and need more stimulation or may be failed to achieve
In vitro and child-bearing can be achieve postmenopausal Estrogen treatment can – some symptoms like MHT

Men Reproductive Change

- Testosterone level
They can still father children
With + in age prostate enlarge and become stiff
Prostate cancer become a + risk around
- ejaculation, erection, & orgasm
Viagra and other medication treatment


Stress disorders take time to manifest
Loss Physical capacity take a toll
Blue collar worker have a higher stress than white collar workers
Stress and coping paradigm
- immune system, - memory & cognition,
+ heart rate, hypertension, + cholesterol, Type A & B pattern


Adults should average 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or a combination of the two. Strengthening exercises are recommended at least twice per week. (Kail
improved cardiovascular functioning and maximum oxygen consumption; lower blood pressure; and better strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination (Kail 469)
Also lower stress, better mood and better cognitive function

Practical intelligence

Highly emotional problem are dealt with passive-dependent and avoidant-denial approach Instrumental issues (like grocery shopping) and home management are dealt with a problem-focused strategy
Mechanics of intelligence
Pragmatics of intelligence