Mental Disabilities In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is one of the greatest American novels to this day. The book begins with George and Lennie looking for work in California. Eventually the two find work at a local farm. George is essentially Lennie’s caretaker as Lennie has some form of mental disability. The two are best friends and rely on each either equally. George and Lennie plan on owning a farm one day where the two can live all by themselves. However, they will not be able to accomplish this goal. Lennie receives a new born puppy from one of the other ranch hands, but Lennie has a problem with his strength. He never really knows how strong he is. Accidentally, Lennie kills the pup and goes to the barn to try and hide it. The main ranch hand on the farm, Curley, has a beautiful wife that also lives on the farm. Curley’s wife begins to comfort Lennie and allows him to pet her hair because Lennie loves soft things. Lennie winds up hurting Curley’s wife and then to silence her snaps her neck. He then runs away to a gorge that George and he had agreed upon if either of them get in trouble. The farm hands discover that Curley’s wife has been killed and set out to kill Lennie. George knows …show more content…
George cares for Lennie all the time and make sure he stays safe. I do the same for my grandfather. George is also an intelligent farm hand that creates a plan to obtain his own farm. Like George, I am intelligent and have created a plan to become a doctor and increase my income like he did. However, George killed his best friend. I could never kill another human being, let alone my best friend. Also, George is on the poverty line and has to do manual labor, so that he has food and shelter. I do not have to worry about working, even though I am employed, to make sure that I have shelter and food. While George and I have are differences, I think we are similar in many