Essay on Mental Disorder

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Psychology is a broad word for using scientific methods to study behaviors and thoughts on human. It begun in the late nineteen century, throughout the years it has flourished as more and more philosophers and scientist created different methods of experimenting human behavior. The differences also distributed psychology into individual concepts of the whole scientific world. In Jake’s case, there would be many other ways that psychologists would approach his problem and give explanations or thoughts on it. However, I’m going to focus mainly on three categories, which are behavioral, cognitive and humanistic. First, behaviorists would give a guess that maybe something went wrong with his course works, maybe he’s not doing well in class. Therefore, he gets nervous about the bad outcomes of not getting a good grade. Such as, not being able to get an internship or scholarship. What behaviorist would do was to look in the environment for rewards, rewards that will help Jake change his behavior. For example, every time Jake does well in exams he gets awarded with money. This way Jake would probably be motived in study and work harder to improve his grades. On the contrary, cognitivist believe more on how people think about themselves or the world around them. Very different from behaviorists, the cognitive approach would say that Jake might be worried about his gradually dropping grades, which, as a result might lead to his late graduation. Thus, the treatment of cognitivist would be to tell Jake to confront with his anxiety and deal with it. In other words, the cognitive approach has brought behaviorism to another level in which we not only aim for the rewards and