Mental Health Disorders Essay

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Mental Health Disorders


Anxiety location – 365 BURWOOD ROAD HAWTHORN 3112
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The anxiety treatment Australia offers a numerous amount of help for people in need of anxiety treatment. Some of the offers include ‘Generalized Anxiety Disorder’ and this is where the patient gets over excessive worrying, there is also the ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ and a good example that describes this condition is that it normally develops after a motor vehicle accident, an assault, or some other event where the patient was exposed to a life threatening or severely injurious situation getting themselves or others involved. Anxiety Treatment Australia also helps in curing ‘Panic Disorder’ which is an anxiety attack. The treatment also involve helping with phobias for dogs, cats, animals, heights, blood and etc. Some other offers to help is ‘Social Anxiety’ which is a fear of being negatively judged or evaluated by others and lastly ‘Body Dimorphic Disorder’. An anxiety disorder that involves excessive preoccupation with their self appearance, worrying about an imagined defect or blowing out of proportion a slight flaw in his/she appearance.

Mental Health Disorders

Depression service name – Talking Minds – Depression Treatment Sydney
Depression location – Suite 74, Level 4,
330 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia
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The Talking Minds centre offers to help their patients in finding out what type of depression they’re feeling. The help service offers help online, as you could be assist through the phone to speak to the chat-line that talking minds has offered as one of their services. The counselor from the clinic helps identify depression symptoms of their patient. The many of the symptoms that through counseling could tell their patient is the feelings of helplessness, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping, irritability, restlessness, loss of interests in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, overeating or appetite loss, persistent sad, flat or overwhelming feelings, persistent feelings of having nothing to look forward to, feelings of separateness from others, including loved one, thoughts of suicide, or suicidal attempts. All the above listed are the symptoms and sighs of depression that could be helped with at the Talking Minds depression treatment centre.

Mental Health Disorders

The impact that mental health issues have on young people of the ages 18-24 are due to a range of issues that would be explored throughout this response. Some may includes health disorders or it could be from the environment one is positioned in.

People at the peaking age of 18-24 normally suffer social issues, which could involve friends, relationships, social networks or their families. Issues coming from the social networks could be cyber- bullying or hateful or nasty comments from others. Words usually gets in someone’s mind and it could do harm as one will never know what is going through the other persons mind and this could cause someone to be suicidal. Pressure from friends usually shows a lot of effects on a certain person; for example they could be convinced to test out drugs, drinking alcohol or smoke and within this someone could harm themselves and their health. It is said that we live in a world where