Mental Health Study

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Are the UK police trained to deal with people, who are suffering from mental health in the UK? By Max Marchant.

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Title Page.
Content Page.
My plan.
Literature Review.
My Log.
Graphs and feedback from questionnaires.
About mental health.
What is section 135 and 136
What is the mental health ACT?
Section 2 and 3 of the Mental health Act 1983
What is the mental capacity Act?
Case studies from a mental health forum.


Unit 22 report detail plan.

People involved.
I feel that best possible way my report will not become biased I am going to ask the views from students of the North Hertfordshire Collage, I will also ask Hertfordshire Police if I could have a interview with one of the police officers or a Police Community Support Officers. I also would like to ask a person who suffer from mental health to take part in my questionnaire or an interview, I know a mental health worker that works with teenagers who suffer from mental health. The reason I feel this is important is because I will use this person in my report, because I will be interviewing this person about the sections and laws around Mental health.
The steps I am going to take to make sure this project will answer my question will be for me to contact a police officer from Hertfordshire Police where I will interview him or her about the training they receive from the police service to be able to deal with a Person with mental health, I will also ask if the police think they need more training about mental health, and they views on Section 135 of the Mental Health Act.
Ethical issues.
With my report the subject matter is very touchy to other this could be because of a pass experiences regarding mental health, or misuse of the law from the police. Because of the subject I have chosen to write about is very professional, there is a lot of medical and criminal jargon such as Sections and Acts.
In my questionnaire this is a question that state what the mental health Act is and explain it, Some people may find it hard to understand what this mean, due to having a learning disability, if this dose happen I will tell the question to the person in a way they would understand. Confidentiality will have to be in place when a person is doing a interview or answering a questionnaire, the data that I would gain from this will need to be kept away from others, the reason it is important to use confidentiality because if a person would give information about a pass event in their life regarding mental health, this is very personally and they will not want others to know about this. Race and region this could lead to miss use of information where a person did not understand what I was asking them, there also could be language difficulties.
Breakdown of Timing

Week 1
I will start to think of a subject and title for my project this will help me to understand how I will set my plan and log, I will have a chat with my tutor to get advice on the title of my project, my tutor will be able to give me advice about the subject matter and way the type of information I would need to research, e.g. the mental health act 2005.
Week 2
Week two I will still do more research on the different legislation and laws on mental health. I will be using all the research methods such as
Qualitative. I will try to get an interview with a police officer or a Police Community Support Officers at my local police station. I will also start my fill out my log book this will show you what I did in the built up to the end of my report. I will also start to crate my questionnaire in week 2 this will help for week 3 to gain data for statics in my report.

Week 3
For week 3 I will get my questionnaires printed out and I will also hand these out to other people