Essay on Mental Retardation and Yellow Rose Village

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Paragraph 1
I am very eager to be applying for the Director of Services, here at Yellow Rose Village. I have worked here for the past eight years and have successfully fulfilled the roles of personal care attendant; Supervisor of the Price House; and now am currently serving you as the Manager of the Price House and Day Program. My passion for this field of work dates back over fifteen years ago. My sister was in a tragic car accident leaving her with traumatic brain injuries and moderate mental retardation. My family sought services from several different providers, like our company, over a period of five years and was not pleased, in the least, by any of them. After seeking services through Yellow Rose Village, I witnessed the amazing person-centered and professional care that was provided to her. Seeing that level quality of care and compassion was quite inspiring. It was then that I knew I wanted to work for such a company that cared for and treated my sister as I would. With my extensive background within your company as well as my degree in Social Services; I believe that I would make a great contribution to your establishment as Director of Services. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications and attributes with you soon.

Paragraph 2
There is an opening for a personal assistant to Mrs. Post, the C.E.O. of Riverdale, the company I work for. From your past work experience and your outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills