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Hello Dr. Alex,

Thank you for responding to my initial post. That is a great question! I have been working on how to motive my team. First, here are the core issues: the morale of the department is low and the employees are overburdened. The root causes for these issues stem from a lack of direction from senior management, low morale, individual biases. This includes the area of technology. Our senior management team voted down the initiative to initiate a mentoring program that would create a progressive motivation cycle with the purpose of using small wins to ignite joy and engagement. How crazy it that? So, I decide to support this endeavor on my own by using books like the Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson (2003). I particularly like using the unconventional to gain results; as Kotter (2007) stated major renewal programs start with one or two people.

To improve employee motivation and innovation, look at who is doing what job for optimal production (make changes if needed), ask questions and invite suggestions to get the buy-in from employees; and hopefully develop an incentive plan.

My style of leading is transformational leadership with a creative pattern as I stated in my original post. While I as completing my Undergraduate Studies I completed the DiSC Assessment and found that I have a “Creative Pattern”. A person with a creative pattern exhibits foresight when focusing on projects. The projects with intense focus bring about change and innovation. As a creative pattern person I need the freedom to explore. The main area of criticism is the potential abuse of power (Hall, Johnson, Wysocki & Kepner, 2002). The transformational leader can exert very powerful influences over people. It is imperative that I stay humble; transparent; and keep a core group of people around me to keep me balanced. Without my team engaged in the creative