Essay about Meow: Marketing and Trap-ease America

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Case Study
Trap-Ease America

1. Martha and the investors believe that they face a once in a lifetime opportunity. I believe that they do indeed face a once in a lifetime opportunity because not everyone has the chance to invent a product and market it during their lifetime. The investor group believes that the Trap-Ease America had an “once-in-a-lifetime chance” with its innovation mousetrap. Martha could sense the group’s impatience with the company’s progress so far. In order to evaluate this opportunity I believe that they should compare it to like products to see how much progress they are making compared to others who have already went thru this. I believe that the group would write its mission statement in a way to make the product seem like the new best thing. I would write the mission statement by listing al the advantages to the Trap-Ease compared to your traditional mousetrap. 2. I believe that Martha did target a good market for Trap-Ease, however there are other markets that I believe may be beneficial to the product. For example if I were Martha I would market to the hotel and restaurant business industry. Also, I would market specifically to hardware stores such as Home depot, Lowes or Ace. I feel that people who go to hardware stores are more concerned with the well being of their homes. 3. The company has positioned the Trap-Ease in local grocery, hardware and drug chains. I feel that she could position the product in other ways such as an online store or a infomercial. I feel like an infomercial would be a great place for her to market the product because many people do not understand what the product does and why it is so beneficial compared to your standard mousetrap. 4. The current marketing mix for Trap-Ease is that Martha is the