Essay on Mercedes Benz Organization Behavior

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Part A (Ari): Mercedes-Benz is a division of Daimler AG, manufacturing luxury vehicles, buses, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz organization has been around for well over a decade, submitting their first patent for the first car invented by the organization in 1886. Since the creation of the first car, "Mercedes-Benz has set the pace for what all cars might someday become" (M-BUSA). The company's first vehicle not only changed the way people moved about, but it also sparked a future of innovation that Mercedes-Benz still boasts about today. Until 1931, Mercedes-Benz devoted its resources to the production of a three-wheeled vehicle. However, in 1931 Mercedes released details of the four-wheel independent suspension; the first-ever fully …show more content…
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Part C (Quentin):

Although the internal mission statement of Mercedes-Benz USA is not publicly available, the luxury carmaker does have six values that they refer to as "What Drives Us," which fulfill the intention behind a formal mission statement. The six values that "drive" Mercedes-Benz USA are: •
The audacity to reject compromise

The instinct to protect what matters

The commitment to honor a legacy

The vision to consider every detail

The foresight to take responsibility

The ingenuity to outperform expectations

Additionally, on November 25, 2010, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Group, joined 21 German companies in agreeing to a "mission statement for responsible actions in business." The six principles of this shared mission statement are:

Business must serve the good of the people.

Business that serves the good of the people requires competition.

Business that serves the good of the people is based on merit.

Business that serves the good of the people takes place globally.

Business that serves the good of the people must be sustainable.

Business that serves the good of the people