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Mercedes Vega
Mrs.Tammy Vanden Bosch

Constructive speech analysis
On my presentation speech of Informative topic was about the bibliography of Rosa Parks my task was to inform the audience about the person and telling how the person is unique. It should be introducing the audience with main ideas on my speech. Throughout my speech are some several points which I did well and what I need to work on in the future.
One is a summary of the main idea of my speech about Rose Park which giving specific information about her. On my speech I beginning with her childhood until her death addressing who was Rose Park by informing my audience the story of “The back of the bus” which I illustrate how it change Americans life. Also, explaining her life by using dates the year how it beginning. For instance, I told my audience about her death date which was on October 24, 2005 at age 92. As on my speech thoroughness was organize also, was logic make sense to my audience.
Another common is what I need to work on future reference on my other presentation so I can do well. If I can avoid doing swaying back and forth well presenting my speech to the audience it cause distraction. Also other task I need to work on is speaking louder while delivering my speech so my audience could hear my voice and to let my topic be vision by speaking louder throughout my speech. Therefore other problem is not looking at my index cards instead I need to memorize my speech before delivering it to my