Merchant of Venice Essay example

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The different ways people look due to their culture, affect the way they are perceived at and reactions they receive when they enter a new country, classrooms, etc. In Mrs. Greeder’s third grade class at Mayflower Elementary School, Jing Jang enters the class and the teacher, Mrs. Greeder introduces him. Each student either pronounces his name wrong or changes the spelling to his name. Jing Jang feels embarrassed and doesn’t feel like he belongs in the classroom. Mrs. Greeders starts to stereotype him by saying he moved all the way from China, even though Jing Jang really moved from San Francisco. On page 30, panel 3 it shows the students starring down the new student and giving him the unwanted look that he doesn’t belong here due to his clothing, facial appearance and stereotyped that he looks Chinese and traveled all the way from China. In this panel, there a few kids but there is not much diversity among them. The kids seem to be all American and white. The author zoomed in up on the blonde girl’s face because she looks thoughtless and never had seen a Chinese person in the same room as her. I interpreted that she feels that just because he is Chinese, the blonde girl will not be able to learn the same way as in slow down the pace for Jing in the learning environment or read different articles containing Jing’s background that she will not apply in her later future years. Another character that stands out is the boy in the green shirt and wearing a necklace. The…