Mercury: A Short Story

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Scotland in late January and early February is never particularly nice. It snowed earlier today, but it's still the best time to see Mercury. My classmates and I are all bundled up pretty tight, even if it's not as cold as it would be at midnight. Most of the other times of the year, the first planet is far more difficult to see. We could just spot it without the telescopes: a tiny little dot sitting just above the treeline of the Forbidden Forest. We're up here a little earlier than normal; the sun set only about a half hour ago, but because Mercury is never very far from the sun, this gives our best chance of viewing it.

Through the telescope, it's a pretty dull looking planet. There's a huge indentation, uh, crater; that seems to be the most distinguishing mark. It could be the Caloris Basin, but seeing as craters cover the surface of Mercury I'm not sure. It would be fun to figure out the charms needed to live on Mercury, and the transportation required to get there. Those walls of the craters look like they'd be so much fun to slide down! I think rock charmers would have lots of fun trying to climb up all the cliffs and snags that litter Mercury's surface. Although, I guess the gravity and magnetization would be really different there; it would be a fun challenge regardless.
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It looks like a tornado just sprung up over one of the cliffs. You can see the solar winds racing down over the surface of the planet. Without much of an atmosphere, the weather must be pretty interesting down there. It's a little hard to focus the telescope on the winds; they're fast and barely making much change to the air currents. With no vegetation to emphasis the winds, it's a wonder that you can even tell that the wind is blowing. The tornado just dissipated. Weather must come and go pretty quickly down