Merger Memo Essay

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Merger Memo
Learning Team B: Kathryn Alvino, Nadia Ge, Delores Jones, Wanda Soderberg-Beck
University of Phoenix

Author Note: This paper is being submitted on January 30, 2015, for Dr. Kale Kruger’s HCS/514 Managing in Today’s Health Care Organizations course.

Merger Memo MEMORANDUM TO: All Employees FROM: Management Team DATE: January 30, 2015 SUBJECT: Healthcare International Organization Merger CC: Leadership Team

In response to the recent merging of Healthcare International and Care Alliance Health Systems, the management teams of both medical facilities has come together to write a memo on the merger and the
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Our organization is successful because we uphold employee behavior that is indicative of the high quality of services and products that patients receive. Care Alliance International Systems institutes excellence by use of quality management programs such as Six Sigma, a proven corporate method (Glickman, Baggett, Krubert, Peterson, & Schulman, 2007). Six Sigma is a management strategy to improve process quality and efficiency. This method aims to make processes uniform using statistical methods. The Six Sigma model, which is what our managers will be using, is called DMAIC. DMAIC is the acronym for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. It is a sequence of steps to understand and improve processes. Six Sigma involves management by expecting quality improvements be translated into financial metrics to show the value of the initiatives (Leibler & McConnell, 2012). The Six Sigma process may be utilized for statistical analysis of deficiencies in an attempt to improve on previous methods. Organization managers will abide by certain principles to assist employees with organization culture, human relations, and staff working together in unison. These principles are unique company culture, inspired leadership, a strong sense of accountability, a focus on growing our employee talent, and execution of aligned HR practices. Our initiatives will be carried out by shaping our environment to be