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Unit 41
M1/ d1
Discuss how organisational policies and procedures are influenced by legislation and guidelines with regard to the administration of medicines
Evaluate the effect of legislation and guidelines on the administration of Medicines.
In this report I will be discussing how polices and procedures are influenced by different factors this being legislations and guidelines to how medicines are administered and evaluating the effect of legislations and guidelines on the administration of medication in an health and social care setting this would be Rockwood surgery. An example of this would be doctors or nurse each professional in care would interpreted these legislation and guidelines differently so effect there way of care in administration of medicines like doctors only see the problem well the nurse trying to see the hall picture meaning pain medication or how the patient feeling well the doctor just want to fix them with their health problem.
Policy -a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual
Procedures-an established or official way of doing something
Legislation -laws, considered collectively
Guidelines -a general rule, principle, or piece of advice
Policy is a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual like in this case the legislations document would be look at than make the policy .Policy are important in any health and social care setting because these are the policies in place for the staff to follow to comply with the legislation in place that is law . They aim to give people high standard of care and constancy in the care this leading to good practice in any health care setting this is why policy are important in any heath care setting .
Why is a policy on ‘working with medication’ important this is because medicines are powerful compounds that control disease, ease discomfort and prolong life for millions of people and are generally beneficial. Unfortunately no medicine is without side effects and some are worse than others. Side effects are not the only potential problem with medicines; sometimes people take medicines when they do not need them or use them in the wrong way or even take someone else’s medicines. Usually these things happen by accident or because of misunderstandings. Often the consequences are mild but sometimes they can be severe or even life-threatening.
In any situation where care-workers are responsible for the looking after and giving of medicines to other people, being young or old, healthy or sick, it is important to follow the set policy in place in any setting like health and safety at work this policy from these legislations are there for client or staff leading a range of policies to ensure that administration is done safely. So the policy on working with medication is important as it stop death, injury to the body and many more these can range by having these policy people know that they are safe and secure when they have medicines given to them .
Every health and social care setting has policies and procedures that the workers have to follow and understand them clearly. They also need to make sure that they practise policies and procedures when they are work regarding medication. Policies and procedures are a course method of action to guide and possibly determine future decisions, within all policy and procedures there is a guideline a guideline is a statement of both policy and procedures to help people follow the regulations. Any person involved with medicines has to adhere to certain rules and regulations, whether this is the doctor, pharmacist, nurse or a person who administers them to other people.
Legislation is one of the most important instruments of government in organising society and protecting citizens. It determines amongst others the rights and responsibilities of individuals and authorities to whom the legislation applies. On the other hand, a law has little or no value if